Hebrew characters rendering test:
XHTML1 / us-ascii

Information on this test

  1. Controls and basic Latin
    1. Controls allowed in XML
    2. XML markup delimiters
    3. Other ASCII
  2. Additional Latin
  3. Basic Hebrew
    1. Hebrew letters
    2. Formatting characters
    3. Math symbols
  4. Additional Hebrew ISO
  5. Additional Hebrew Windows
    1. Points and punctuation
    2. Yiddish diagraphs
    3. Latin, symbols, and general punctuation
  6. Additional Hebrew Unicode
    1. Points and punctuation
    2. Cantillation marks
    3. Presentation forms
      1. Letter-point combinations
      2. Traditional Hebrew
      3. Modern Hebrew
      4. Judeo-Spanish

1. Controls and basic Latin

1.1 Controls allowed in XML

Position in UCS Character
0009 <control> = Horizontal tabulation
000A <control> = Line feed
000D <control> = Carriage return

1.2 XML markup delimiters

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser XML name entity
DirectHexDecimal NameRendering
0022 Quotation mark " " " quot "
0026 Ampersand Not allowed & & amp &
0027 Apostrophe = apostrophe-quote ' ' ' apos '
003C Less-than sign Not allowed < < lt <
003E Greater-than sign > > > gt >

1.3 Other ASCII

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
0020 Space
0021 Exclamation mark ! ! !
0023 Number sign # # #
0024 Dollar sign $ $ $
0025 Percent sign % % %
0028 Left parenthesis = opening parenthesis ( ( (
0029 Right parenthesis = closing parenthesis ) ) )
002A Asterisk * * *
002B Plus sign + + +
002C Comma , , ,
002D Hyphen-minus - - -
002E Full stop = period . . .
002F Solidus = slash / / /
0030 Digit zero 0 0 0
0031 Digit one 1 1 1
0032 Digit two 2 2 2
0033 Digit three 3 3 3
0034 Digit four 4 4 4
0035 Digit five 5 5 5
0036 Digit six 6 6 6
0037 Digit seven 7 7 7
0038 Digit eight 8 8 8
0039 Digit nine 9 9 9
003A Colon : : :
003B Semicolon ; ; ;
003D Equals sign = = =
003F Question mark ? ? ?
0040 Commercial at @ @ @
0041 Latin capital letter A A A A
0042 Latin capital letter B B B B
0043 Latin capital letter C C C C
0044 Latin capital letter D D D D
0045 Latin capital letter E E E E
0046 Latin capital letter F F F F
0047 Latin capital letter G G G G
0048 Latin capital letter H H H H
0049 Latin capital letter I I I I
004A Latin capital letter J J J J
004B Latin capital letter K K K K
004C Latin capital letter L L L L
004D Latin capital letter M M M M
004E Latin capital letter N N N N
004F Latin capital letter O O O O
0050 Latin capital letter P P P P
0051 Latin capital letter Q Q Q Q
0052 Latin capital letter R R R R
0053 Latin capital letter S S S S
0054 Latin capital letter T T T T
0055 Latin capital letter U U U U
0056 Latin capital letter V V V V
0057 Latin capital letter W W W W
0058 Latin capital letter X X X X
0059 Latin capital letter Y Y Y Y
005A Latin capital letter Z Z Z Z
005B Left square bracket = opening square bracket [ [ [
005C Reverse solidus = backslash \ \ \
005D Right square bracket = closing square bracket ] \ ]
005E Circumflex accent ^ ^ ^
005F Low line _ _ _
0060 Grave accent ` ` `
0061 Latin small letter a a a a
0062 Latin small letter b b b b
0063 Latin small letter c c c c
0064 Latin small letter d d d d
0065 Latin small letter e e e e
0066 Latin small letter f f f f
0067 Latin small letter g g g g
0068 Latin small letter h h h h
0069 Latin small letter i i i i
006A Latin small letter j j j j
006B Latin small letter k k k k
006C Latin small letter l l l l
006D Latin small letter m m m m
006E Latin small letter n n n n
006F Latin small letter o o o o
0070 Latin small letter p p p p
0071 Latin small letter q q q q
0072 Latin small letter r r r r
0073 Latin small letter s s s s
0074 Latin small letter t t t t
0075 Latin small letter u u u u
0076 Latin small letter v v v v
0077 Latin small letter w w w w
0078 Latin small letter x x x x
0079 Latin small letter y y y y
007A Latin small letter z z z z
007B Left curly bracket = opening curly bracket { { {
007C Vertical line = vertical bar | | |
007D Right curly bracket = closing curly bracket } } }
007E Tilde ~ ~ ~

2. Additional Latin

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser XHTML name entity
HexDecimal NameRendering
00A0 No-break space     nbsp  
00A2 Cent sign ¢ ¢ cent ¢
00A3 Pound sign £ £ pound £
00A5 Yen sign ¥ ¥ yen ¥
00A6 Broken bar = broken vertical bar ¦ ¦ brvbar ¦
00A7 Section sign § § sect §
00A8 Diaeresis ¨ ¨ uml ¨
00A9 Copyright sign © © copy ©
00AB Left-pointing double angle quotation mark = left-pointing guillemet « « laquo «
00AC Not sign ¬ ¬ not ¬
00AD Soft hyphen ­ ­ shy ­
00AE Registered sign = registred trade mark sign ® ® reg ®
00AF Macron ¯ ¯ macr ¯
00B0 Degree sign ° ° deg °
00B1 Plus-minus sign ± ± plusmn ±
00B2 Superscript two ² ² sup2 ²
00B3 Superscript three ³ ³ sup3 ³
00B4 Acute accent ´ ´ acute ´
00B5 Micro sign µ µ micro µ
00B6 Pilcrow sign = paragraph sign para
00B7 Middle dot · · middot ·
00B8 Cedilla ¸ ¸ cedil ¸
00B9 Superscript one ¹ ¹ sup1 ¹
00BB Right-pointing double angle quotation mark = right-pointing guillemet » » raquo »
00BC Vulgar fraction one quarter ¼ ¼ frac14 ¼
00BD Vulgar fraction one half ½ ½ frac12 ½
00BE Vulgar fraction three quarters ¾ ¾ frac34 ¾

3. Basic Hebrew

3.1 Hebrew letters

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
05D0 Hebrew letter alef א א
05D1 Hebrew letter bet ב ב
05D2 Hebrew letter gimel ג ג
05D3 Hebrew letter dalet ד ד
05D4 Hebrew letter he ה ה
05D5 Hebrew letter vav ו ו
05D6 Hebrew letter zayin ז ז
05D7 Hebrew letter het ח ח
05D8 Hebrew letter tet ט ט
05D9 Hebrew letter yod י י
05DA Hebrew letter final kaf ך ך
05DB Hebrew letter kaf כ כ
05DC Hebrew letter lamed ל ל
05DD Hebrew letter final mem ם ם
05DE Hebrew letter mem מ מ
05DF Hebrew letter final nun ן ן
05E0 Hebrew letter nun נ נ
05E1 Hebrew letter samekh ס ס
05E2 Hebrew letter ayin ע ע
05E3 Hebrew letter final pe ף ף
05E4 Hebrew letter pe פ פ
05E5 Hebrew letter final tsadi ץ ץ
05E6 Hebrew letter tsadi צ צ
05E7 Hebrew letter qof ק ק
05E8 Hebrew letter resh ר ר
05E9 Hebrew letter shin ש ש
05EA Hebrew letter tav ת ת

3.2 Formatting characters

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser XHTML name entity
HexDecimal NameRendering
200E Left-to-right mark = LRM lrm
200F Right-to-left mark = RLM rlm

3.3 Math symbols

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser XHTML name entity
HexDecimal NameRendering
00D7 Multiplication sign × × times ×
00F7 Division sign ÷ ÷ divide ÷

4. Additional Hebrew ISO

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser XHTML name entity
HexDecimal NameRendering
00A4 Currency sign ¤ ¤ curren ¤
General punctuation
2017 Double low line Not available

5. Additional Hebrew Windows

5.1 Points and punctuation

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
05B0 Hebrew point sheva ְ ְ
05B1 Hebrew point hataf segol ֱ ֱ
05B2 Hebrew point hataf patah ֲ ֲ
05B3 Hebrew point hataf qamats ֳ ֳ
05B4 Hebrew point hiriq ִ ִ
05B5 Hebrew point tsere ֵ ֵ
05B6 Hebrew point segol ֶ ֶ
05B7 Hebrew point patah ַ ַ
05B8 Hebrew point qamats ָ ָ
05B9 Hebrew point holam ֹ ֹ
05BB Hebrew point qubuts ֻ ֻ
05BC Hebrew point dagesh or mapiq ּ ּ
05BD Hebrew point meteg ֽ ֽ
05BE Hebrew punctuation maqaf ־ ־
05BF Hebrew point rafe ֿ ֿ
05C0 Hebrew punctuation paseq ׀ ׀
05C1 Hebrew point shin dot ׁ ׁ
05C2 Hebrew point sin dot ׂ ׂ
05C3 Hebrew punctuation sof pasuq ׃ ׃
05F3 Hebrew punctuation geresh ׳ ׳
05F4 Hebrew punctuation gershayim ״ ״

5.2 Yiddish diagraphs

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
05F0 Hebrew ligature Yiddish double vav װ װ
05F1 Hebrew ligature Yiddish vav yod ױ ױ
05F2 Hebrew ligature Yiddish double yod ײ ײ

5.3 Latin, symbols, and general punctuation

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser XHTML name entity
HexDecimal NameRendering
00BF Inverted question mark ¿ ¿ iquest ¿
Extended Latin B
0192 Latin small letter f with hook = Latin small letter script f ƒ ƒ fnof ƒ
Spacing modifier letters
02C6 Modifier letter circumflex accent ˆ ˆ circ ˆ
02DC Small tilde ˜ ˜ tilde ˜
General punctuation: dashes
2013 En dash ndash
2014 Em dash mdash
General punctuation
2018 Left single quotation mark = single turned comma quotation mark lsquo
2019 Right single quotation mark = single comma quotation mark rsquo
201A Single low-9 quotation mark = low single comma quotation mark sbquo
201C Left double quotation mark = double turned comma quotation mark ldquo
201D Right double quotation mark = double comma quotation mark rdquo
201E Double low-9 quotation mark = low double comma quotation mark bdquo
2020 Dagger dagger
2021 Double dagger Dagger
2022 Bullet bull
2026 Horizontal ellipsis hellip
2030 Per mille sign permil
2039 Single left-pointing angle quotation mark = left pointing single guillemet lsaquo
203A Single right-pointing angle quotation mark = right pointing single guillemet rsaquo
Currency symbols
20AC Euro sign euro
20AA New sheqel sign Not available
Letterlike symbols
2122 Trade mark sign trade

6. Additional Hebrew Unicode

6.1 Points and punctuation

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
05C4 Hebrew mark upper dot ׄ ׄ

6.2 Cantillation marks

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
0591 Hebrew accent etnahta ֑ ֑
0592 Hebrew accent segol ֒ ֒
0593 Hebrew accent shalshelet ֓ ֓
0594 Hebrew accent zaqef qatan ֔ ֔
0595 Hebrew accent zaqef gadol ֕ ֕
0596 Hebrew accent tipeha ֖ ֖
0597 Hebrew accent revia ֗ ֗
0598 Hebrew accent zarqa ֘ ֘
0599 Hebrew accent pashta ֙ ֙
059A Hebrew accent yetiv ֚ ֚
059B Hebrew accent tevir ֛ ֛
059C Hebrew accent geresh ֜ ֜
059D Hebrew accent geresh muqdam ֝ ֝
059E Hebrew accent gershayim ֞ ֞
059F Hebrew accent qarney para ֟ ֟
05A0 Hebrew accent telisha gedola ֠ ֠
05A1 Hebrew accent pazer ֡ ֡
05A3 Hebrew accent munah ֣ ֣
05A4 Hebrew accent mahapakh ֤ ֤
05A5 Hebrew accent merkha ֥ ֥
05A6 Hebrew accent merkha kefula ֦ ֦
05A7 Hebrew accent darga ֧ ֧
05A8 Hebrew accent qadma ֨ ֨
05A9 Hebrew accent telisha qetana ֩ ֩
05AA Hebrew accent yerah ben yomo ֪ ֪
05AB Hebrew accent ole ֫ ֫
05AC Hebrew accent iluy ֬ ֬
05AD Hebrew accent dehi ֭ ֭
05AE Hebrew accent zinor ֮ ֮
05AF Hebrew mark masora circle ֯ ֯

6.3 Presentation forms

6.3.1 Letter-point combinations

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser Alternative Rendering in your browser
FB1D Hebrew letter yod with hiriq 05D9 05B4 יִ יִ
FB1F Hebrew ligature Yiddish yod yod patah 05F2 05B7 ײַ ײַ
FB2A Hebrew letter shin with shin dot 05E9 05C1 שׁ שׁ
FB2B Hebrew letter shin with sin dot 05E9 05C2 שׂ שׂ
FB2C Hebrew letter shin with dagesh and shin dot FB49 05C1 שּׁ שּׁ
05E9 05BC 05C1שּׁשּׁ
FB2D Hebrew letter shin with dagesh and sin dot FB49 05C2 שּׂ שּׂ
05E9 05BC 05C2שּׂשּׂ
FB2E Hebrew letter alef with patah 05D0 05B7 אַ אַ
FB2F Hebrew letter alef with qamats 05D0 05B8 אָ אָ
FB30 Hebrew letter alef with mapiq 05D0 05BC אּ אּ
FB31 Hebrew letter bet with dagesh 05D1 05BC בּ בּ
FB32 Hebrew letter gimel with dagesh 05D2 05BC גּ גּ
FB33 Hebrew letter dalet with dagesh 05D3 05BC דּ דּ
FB34 Hebrew letter he with mapiq 05D4 05BC הּ הּ
FB35 Hebrew letter vav with dagesh 05D5 05BC וּ וּ
FB36 Hebrew letter zayin with dagesh 05D6 05BC זּ זּ
FB38 Hebrew letter tet with dagesh 05D8 05BC טּ טּ
FB39 Hebrew letter yod with dagesh 05D9 05BC יּ יּ
FB3A Hebrew letter final kaf with dagesh 05DA 05BC ךּ ךּ
FB3B Hebrew letter kaf with dagesh 05DB 05BC כּ כּ
FB3C Hebrew letter lamed with dagesh 05DC 05BC לּ לּ
FB3E Hebrew letter mem with dagesh 05DE 05BC מּ מּ
FB40 Hebrew letter nun with dagesh 05E0 05BC נּ נּ
FB41 Hebrew letter samekh with dagesh 05E1 05BC סּ סּ
FB43 Hebrew letter final pe with dagesh 05E3 05BC ףּ ףּ
FB44 Hebrew letter pe with dagesh 05E4 05BC פּ פּ
FB46 Hebrew letter tsadi with dagesh 05E6 05BC צּ צּ
FB47 Hebrew letter qof with dagesh 05E7 05BC קּ קּ
FB48 Hebrew letter resh with dagesh 05E8 05BC רּ רּ
FB49 Hebrew letter shin with dagesh 05E9 05BC שּ שּ
FB4A Hebrew letter tav with dagesh 05EA 05BC תּ תּ
FB4B Hebrew letter vav with holam 05D5 05B9 וֹ וֹ
FB4C Hebrew letter bet with rafe 05D1 05BF בֿ בֿ
FB4D Hebrew letter kaf with rafe 05DB 05BF כֿ כֿ
FB4E Hebrew letter pe with rafe 05E4 05BF פֿ פֿ

6.3.2 Traditional Hebrew

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser Approximation
FB20 Hebrew letter alternative ayin 05E2
FB21 Hebrew letter wide alef 05D0
FB22 Hebrew letter wide dalet 05D3
FB23 Hebrew letter wide he 05D4
FB24 Hebrew letter wide kaf 05DB
FB25 Hebrew letter wide lamed 05DC
FB26 Hebrew letter wide final mem 05DD
FB27 Hebrew letter wide resh 05E8
FB28 Hebrew letter wide tav 05EA
FB4F Hebrew ligature alef lamed 05D0 05DC

6.3.3 Modern Hebrew

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser Approximation
FB29 Hebrew letter alternative plus sign 002B

6.3.4 Judeo-Spanish

Position in UCS Character Rendering in your browser
FB1E Hebrew point Judeo-Spanish varika